Thursday, 26 January 2012

A very BIG thank you!

During December 2011, I interned with eCPD webinars, getting to sit in on webinars, write summaries for the blog and see what actually goes on behind the scenes (a lot of hard work, I can tell you!). I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank Lucy and Sarah publically for the opportunity! They are truly encouraging in all they do.
So here’s want I learnt:
Nothing is as easy as it appears. The planning, preparation and organisation that goes into researching speakers for the webinars, practicing with the speakers and finally hosting them,  left me breathless. It really amazed me that they could juggle this, their own translating businesses as well as thinking ahead regarding the business and marketing side of eCPD. They made it seem so effortless.
So thank you, Lucy and Sarah, for sharing with me your:
-Generosity (you always had time to answer my stupid questions and give advice to a very naïve and fresh translator)
-Availability (I even got to have Skype chats with the famous Sarah Dillon on a number of occasions!)
Thank you for being so accommodating and for your encouragement along the way. I really enjoyed silently peering over your shoulders at everything as well as listening to a stack of past and live webinars, webinars which have really given me a fuller toolbox.
I have a suspicion that my internship may have benefited me more than them… So thank you Lucy and Sarah for this exposure!
Thank you never seems to be enough or convey the emotion behind it, but THANK YOU once again!
P.S. I hope eCPD Webinars offers this opportunity again so that someone else can have this experience too!
Oh, and you can catch me guest posting on their blog during January and February too.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The obligatory New Year's post

After a rollercoaster December and a short break from blogging, I’m back!

I didn’t do any Christmas blog post but I want to wish you all the best for a successful and happy 2012.

I thought I would share what 2011 was for me and my new resolutions for my blog.


-This year I met the kindest, most generous and knowledgeable people – my translation colleagues on social media. This is a shout out to everyone I’ve “met” and followed. You will never know how much I’ve learnt from you, from your blog posts, your statuses on twitter and Facebook and my shameless snooping around on your online profiles.

-Learnt not to be afraid to teach myself

-Started my first blog ever (thank you to everyone for mothering to read it)

- Learnt to always have a backup of everything. This includes backup internet options for when cable thieves steal broadband cable in your area ;). You always learn the hard way! I am paranoid about everything now.


-To have more relevant blog posts of higher quality.  

-To keep blogging regularly. My posts may not be published as regularly as every week but at least 2 times a month so that they are more relevant.  

- Do a video blog or voice podcast so that my blog readers can “meet” me.

-Get more involved in the South African Translator’s Institute (SATI) and meet more translators. I feel quite isolated in South Africa so another resolution of my is to “meet” more overseas translators, be it over a translator’s hangout on G+ or on Skype

-Get over my shyness of asking someone to guest blog on my blog and get my first guest blogger. Anyone?...

-Read more, learn more and be less shy!

-Make time for things that matter to me even if I’m not following the grain.

-Write a post in Spanish. I’ve noticed most English>Spanish translators write their blogs in their ST so why shouldn’t I try my hand at it?

What are your aims for your blog?