Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Happy Birthday to my blog! It's one today!

This month my blog turns 1!!! :-) It turned 1 on 14 May 2012.

Yes, it’s been a year! Yes, get out your tissues and your red pens for your my sentimentality and clichés which are about to come.

I can’t believe it and it’s all thanks to you dear readers for your comments and your own blogs which have inspired me to keep writing. I’ve also been nominated for the “Top 100 Language Lover’s” competition which I couldn’t have imagined last year. I have still to start on my list of New Year’s resolutions but I hope to cross at least one off my list before the end of the year.

To celebrate my blog turning one, I thought I would first share with you some stats and then some of my favourite blog posts that have appeared over the last year.

-To date, there has been 58 posts and 8955 views.
-The most popular blog post was: How not to translate with 624 views. (I think I skewed the results a little with this one naming it this.)
-The month with the most views was November 2011 with 1 366 views.
-My audience, from third place to first place, is Spain, Germany and United States. Germany? I’m still wondering about that one.
-The most popular Browser to view my blog is Internet Explorer. (So it’s not dead yet.)
-The most popular Operating System is Windows.
-45 posts in 2011

Here I have compiled a list of my favourite blog posts. Some have been written in haste, some of them have been written without thinking too much (these have normally been the ones with the most comments or caused the most stir) and some of my very first blog posts which I don’t think have ever been viewed. Enjoy !
Disclaimer: I take all responsibility for the spelling and grammar mistakes and sometimes the pedagogical tone. It’s best to scroll to the ones further down on the list-those are “better”.

The problem with learning another language
PJs or no Pjs  
Story of a rapper
South Africa, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission andTranslation
One for the introverts
Nelson Mandela and translation
Verbling (It’s a fantastic website and it has undergone some fantastic changes since I wrote about the first time)
Do languages have personalities
Fright night
Why I love translation and languages  
My top ten apps for translators
Going through the emotions of translation
How not to translate
The lives of others
Good company URLs
Does translation run in the blood?
Laughter truly is the best medicine

Friday, 4 May 2012

Language Professionals’ Blogs Nomination

Yesterday I received some good news that I’ve been nominated for Top 100 Language Lovers 2012 competition hosted by and specifically for the category Language Professionals’ Blogs.

I do have to admit that I do feel quite surprised as a very naïve, sometimes overly enthusiastic new comer to the world of blogging. However, this nomination has lifted my spirits and encouraged me to keep blogging. As a side note, I could really identify with Jill Bonn’s post, 'Musings from an underworked translator'.

Here’s how the competition works. You can nominate your favourite language blog from 2 May – 13 May. There are four categories:

·         language learning blogs

·         language professionals’ blogs

·         language Facebook Pages

·         language Twitter accounts

Then you can vote 15 May – 28 May for your favourites.

To all the other people who have been nominated, good luck!